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The Car and the Bicycle, Part 4 - Adventure Biking

BikeyFace looks to be a few years old. But there are a ton of great drawings, comic books, and links to interviews / articles on the site which focuses around a theme I might that could be referred to as “Adventure Biking.” This could involve as mild a subject as people just doing their daily biking commute, something any urban cyclist knows can become an dramatic adventure. It could also range into the more extreme forms of adventure, bordering on crazy and/or illegal.

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The Car and the Bicycle, Part 2 - Rise of the Bike Lanes

As an Uber and Lyft driver who has navigated the mean streets of Boston more than most, I have witnessed the mayhem of the open road in all its fury. From fender-benders at ill-designed rotaries to the slow broil of bottlenecked bumper-to-bumperdom on Storrow Drive.  And to people riding their bikes on Storrow Drive. Nothing seems to excite as much unmitigated road rage as the clashes between motorists and bicyclists. It seems these two species of road runners are hard-wired as natural enemies, intransigently irreconcilable as a red-state Republican and a blue-state Democrat.

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The Car and the Bicycle, Part 1 - Pedaling Down Memory Lane

Before the car dominated the Boston transportation scene, there was the humble bicycle.  The velocipede, as it was called, made its appearance in the 1800s, went through a golden age, then declined after the rise of the automobile in the early 1900s.  A resurgence in biking took place in the late 20th and early 21st century.  Now the two modes of transport are locked in a head-to-head urban battle that is evident to all drivers in our area.   But there is more to this story than simply describing dynamics of the battle and posting pictures of bike lanes.  The history of the two wheelers has its origins in Massachusetts, both in the Boston area as well as in Western Massachusetts.

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